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Crystal Slab

Crystal Slab

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Lay your hand on a slab and return home to your body, or charge any jewellery or drinks in glass vessels.

Not just a pretty bit of decor, these slabs are beautiful pieces of loving crystal, ready to invite positive and loving energy into any circumstance.

Useful for;

  • Jewellery holder
  • Store flowers you come across, or your most used tumbled stones
  • Sitting your glasses on top of some beautiful lattice vibrations
  • During meditation, bodywork, and intimacy


Rose Quartz energy feels like repairing broken connections and gaining clarity around partnerships, invoking new level's of self love within ourselves.


Moonstone feels like the Dark Moon the night before the New Moon, coming to soothe a busy mind with solutions to release, that which is no longer for the highest good of all involved.


"I grew up playing with my mother's tumbled stones from a young age. I didn't have any knowledge of crystals and what they actually were, what I found therapeutic was studying the transparency, colour, and internal structure of it's veins and zones. Rolling the crystals in my palms would help me feel grounded and calm, as I daydreamed about living with horses. Many people meditate with crystal's to manifest their desired outcome. Did I manifest the dream I visualised daily, through intention and holding onto those stones? I like to think the lattice vibrations within the crystal helped me immerse into the visualisation, and live as if it was my reality. Now I use these over my stomach during Savasana with our Peace mask, and the Moonstone sits behind my lower back, with the Rose Quartz over my period bloating. I enjoy loving myself during those heavier, more vulnerable moments, and I highly suggest you to continue to deepen your self love devotion practice."

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