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Jade Comb

Jade Comb

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Level up your self care ritual with an invigorating scalp massage, using our Jade comb. Gently detangle knots, and promote relaxation and relief by soothing a tight and contracted upper body.

After staring at a screen and monitor all day, tension collects in the head and neck. This built up stress can reside around the eyes, forehead and scalp, contributing to exhaustion and tiredness.


Jade combing, related to Gua Sha, involves using a jade comb to stimulate and massage the scalp, whilst focusing on acupressure points.


Jade has held a cultural and historical significance, particularly in Asian countries. In Chinese culture, Jade is considered a sacred stone that represents wisdom, justice, and compassion, whilst attracting in money, fortune, and abundance.


"I enjoy using the Jade comb after I have had a deep conditioning treatment, nothing is better than a slow and luscious scalp massage! I have also used this comb in a pinch when travelling, as a Gua Sha facial tool, by using the handle side on my jaw, around my eyes, and the jagged edge side on my forehead. Sometimes we all need some extra care, and running the Jade comb through my wet hair always makes me feel like a goddess!"

How to use

  • Pop your phone onto do not disturb, and one of our playlists on Spotify
  • Light a candle and apply Priestess to your wrists
  • Create a middle part
  • Brush your wet or dry hair with a regular brush or comb, to enable a smooth flow
  • Sit or stand, before rolling your shoulders back and raising your chest upwards into correct posture
  • Gently rock your head side to side, in slow motion, allowing the sides of the neck to stretch and relax
  • Taking the Jade comb, begin to comb from the top of your middle part, through to your ends
  • Move from the front of the hairline, to the back of your middle part
  • Experiment with pace, pressure, the teeth and handle of the comb, and how often you brush each area. You are the expert of yourself, focus on what feels good
  • Taking the handle of the comb, or our Rose Quartz Egg, gently massage the area between your brows, your third eye, for 30 seconds
  • Move the Comb or Egg upwards by 8 fingers from that point, before massaging gently for 30 seconds
  • Move the Comb or Egg upwards by another 4 fingers from that point, before massaging gently for 30 seconds
  • Move the Comb or Egg to where your hairline is, on the back of your head at the base of your spine, before massaging for 30 seconds (I recommend the comb for this!)
  • Plait your hair and sleep on a Vegan Silk Pillowcase to minimise breakage
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