3 Ways To Increase Sensuality

3 Ways To Increase Sensuality

What does sensuality mean to you? Do you imagine a sexual energy? Sensuality can sometimes be sexual, but it doesn't have to be.

Breaking it down, sensuality is anything that makes you feel good.

Relaxation massage, wearing track pants with shaved legs, pleasant smells - especially flowers at spring!, slow cuddles, watching sunsets, sipping tea, a delicious meal, a block of chocolate you don't have to share, warm baths, long ocean swims, candle shopping, and sleeping nude are all non sexual examples.

Sensuality and treating ourselves lovingly is a journey that deserves attention every day. In a fast-paced world, cultivating self-care rituals can be transformative, especially when they are designed to empower your sensuality.

At Elshka, we believe that self-care is an art of self-love that goes beyond the physical – it's about nurturing your connection with your body and embracing your inner desires every day. Our potions are not just products; they're tools to create daily rituals that celebrate your unique sensuality. We believe self-care should be a non-negotiable part of your daily routine, a practice which empowers your sensuality.

3 ways to increase sensuality 

  1. Redefine Self Care: Imagine waking and starting the day by connecting to your body. You may not have time for a bath, but you can take a few minutes to breathe intentionally, sending your loving energy throughout your entire body. Hold your hands over and vulnerable or sore areas, focusing on breathing into this area. When you are finished, shake the energy out of your limbs, focusing on hands and wrists. Shake until you feel the energy release.
  2. Morning and evening rituals: As you apply your skincare in front of your mirror, speak affirmative statements to yourself. Let love flow through your hands, as you press your products into your skin. Of an evening, slow the process down to focus on releasing stress and unwinding from the days events. Allow your touch to be nurturing and gentle, loving yourself to relaxation. 
  3. Explore your senses: Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell, Sound. If you are overwhelmed with what practices to begin with, try picking something from Touch. Give yourself a massage, walk bare foot on the grass, experiment with self pleasure play, or brush your hair slowly. Many people find beginning with activities within the Touch category to be an easier introduction to a shame free sensuality experience. 

Some of our most sensual potions

Divine: Whether you're engaging in self-pleasure or sharing an intimate experience with a partner, our essential oil-free, non-toxic formulation was designed to provide friction free care and comfort to delicate tissues and enhance your sensations. Wearing Divine of a morning will often have the body feeling activated and aroused, as the oil enables stimulation from the Vulva to the Clitoris during everyday moments.

Luxe Body Blend: Suitable for after bathing, or as a pre intimacy massage oil, by incorporating Luxe into your self-care ritual, you're embracing daily moments of self-love and sensuality. Each application becomes a ritual of self-empowerment, a reminder that your body deserves attention and appreciation.

Elshka roller: Elshka encourages you to explore and embrace your inner desires. By making sensuality a part of your daily routine, you're creating a safe space to connect with your body's unique needs. Try applying before intimacy to the tops of your things and collarbone, or before a yoga class. 

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