Our Story

Made from the heart, honed from experiences

Our family recipes were created from a desire to bring soothing relief to our loved ones suffering with uncomfortable conditions needing support. 
We grew up in an environment that encouraged creation with medicinal and beauty products. The senior women of the family knew how to stitch a wound, which herbs would promote skin healing, and how to soothe inflamed skin on a cows udder with shea butter. 
Elshka began with Sacred, crafted 20 years ago in our kitchen as an experiment to bring relief from sexual violence injuries, enabling our founder to get through a school day as she healed. Learning how limited the options were for topical pain relief of the vulva, we had no choice but to create something that didn't sting, burn, slide off, or cause an allergic reaction. 
The trauma eventually ended, but the recipe continued, and was refined and passed around our family to support post birth tears, splits and swelling.
These products have supported our loved ones through sexual violence, menopausal and hormonal changes, recovery from childbirth, painful ovulations, hormonal breakouts, inflammatory conditions, & severe allergic skin reactions to the ingredients in our food & personal care products.

It brings so much joy to hear our customers are enjoying pain free intimacy again, enjoying soothing relief from painful vulva conditions, dry patches clearing off their faces, or having that stubborn spread of back acne clear up. 

It is our joy to offer our lovingly made small batch blends to you and your loved ones, made with the freshest and most highest quality of ingredients we can source.
Love Summah (Founder)