Core Values


We are always striving to evolve and improve as a brand, with the priority of helping women find soothing relief. 

What we stand for

Elshka is, and always will be;

  • Vegan & Cruelty free
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Founded & owned by women
  • Aligning with women owned businesses
  • Advocating for feminine wellness and the unique path each woman experiences with her journey of health
  • A safe space to scroll on social media
  • A photoshop free brand
  • Hiring every day women for our campaigns

Our bodies are unique, as are our health and wellness challenges. We respect and honour women, their intuition, and their unwavering strength and bravery to keep moving forwards, whilst nurturing their loved ones.

We will always be free from ingredients unsafe for us to apply to our body, our loved ones, and our pets!

Plastic free deliveries

We believe the planet desperately needs our combined efforts to tidy up our plastic ridden home.

With so many wonderful compostable solutions that are easily available, here at Elshka we offer a plastic free delivery experience. 

By communicating with our suppliers our preference for plastic free deliveries, we are able to receive our packaging that is cushioned with recycled paper, which we then reuse with our retail and wholesale deliveries.

We are proud to not use any plastics in our home deliveries, focusing on compostable postal satchels, compostable bubble wrap/sticky tape/labels and recycled paper shipping boxes. 

Future plans

We are working towards growing our own botanicals and herbs, to cut out the process of having ingredients sent from all over Australia. This will include becoming certified organic, being able to ensure our customers that the highest and freshest ingredients are used. 

We have begun our medicinal flower gardens, which are being nourished by the animals living on our sanctuary, the wide open skies, and lashing rain. This includes Calendula, our hero ingredient in Divine. 

We are also working on finding solutions for refillable pouches, however due to the liquid nature of some of our blends, finding compostable options is taking time. We cant wait to solve this and offer refills! 

Wildlife assistance

For every order received, we plant a tree in bushfire damaged forests on the South Coast of NSW. This is a step towards helping the native animals have homes, after the devastating summer bushfires we experienced recently.


Elshka makes a monthly donation of products to women's shelters and rape crisis clinics, in order to make shame free pain relief accessible to those in desperate need after a violent encounter.