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Why We Use Secondary Infusions

Secondary infusions are our choice of crystal infusion for all of our creations.

Secondary infusion involves placing crystals into a larger vessel, before a smaller vessel is placed on top and around the crystals, to which the ingredients are added. There is no direct contact between the gemstones and ingredients, to avoid potential adverse reactions from skin contact. 

This method is a safer practice for creating high vibrational products, whilst still benefiting from the energy and vibrations of the stones.

Gemstone toxicity is a concern when working with gemstones that are being placed in liquids. Some crystals contain elements that can cause harmful effects to our bodies. An example is Chalcopyrite, a beautiful crystal to work with, but contains copper which can leak into liquids. Malachite, very popular after a Tiktok wave of popularity, also contains copper. 

By ensuring the safety of all of our creations, Elshka is able to provide truly safe potions for those with the most inflamed of skin.
We recommend Glow for severely dry and cracked hands, face, and elbows. Luxe is best suited for hot, burning inflamed skin after too much sun, or for a luxe massage session. Divine is for those who suffer with a changing vulva and vagina post menopause, or are suffering from dryness, atrophy, odour, and Lichen Sclerosus.
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