How To Use

Yoni Steaming

Consider the best method of steaming for you from the 3 sketches below. Comfort is essential for the process.  Blankets and pillows are a great way to support body parts on hard surfaces. Using a foot basin with the bowl inside is also helpful.


Option 1 
Lean on all fours using pillows or a bolster to support upper body. 

Option 2

Squatting with basin beneath you using a towels or cushions to support knees.

Option 3
Squatting with basin beneath you


Step 1

Boil 1L of filtered water into a heatproof bowl. Stir 20g of herbs into the bowl, and steep for 5 minutes, choose a method of steaming, from one of the suggested positions above and gather water, a blanket and prepare your space.

Step 2

Remove your underwear and piercings and carefully position yourself approx 30 cm over the setup you have chosen, there should be no physical contact with the bowl. It’s a good idea to wave your hand over the steam to check the temperature is ok then drape a blanket around yourself creating a tent and sacred space for yourself to relax into.

Step 3

Set aside 20 minutes for yourself. To begin this sacred ritual take 4 slow breath cycles and set your timer for 20mins. The steam should feel like a gentle rolling heat and soothing to your tissues. Focus on steadying your breath and connecting to your inner and outer labia and vulva observing how the steam feels in such a hidden away sacred space. 

Step 4
It’s important to remain hydrated through the process.
Once complete, gently allow yourself to air dry before using one of our beautiful oil blends to complete the process. 

Step 5

After your steam, you can discard the herbs in the compost or garden. Alternatively, if you are making a spray for after birth or during UTI, simply strain herbs after they’ve steeped and store for up to 2 days in a glass jar in the fridge.

Face steam

Step 1

Boil 2 cups of filtered water and add to a heatproof glass bowl. Taking 2tbsp of herbs, add them together and leave to steep, as you get ready for this sacred ritual.

Step 2
 After cleansing your face and neck, place the heatproof bowl on a flat and stable surface, and get comfortable so that you can lean over the bowl.

Step 3
Keeping your head no closer than 10 inches from the bowl, drape the towel over your head creating a tent so you’re enclosed with your steam. Stay like this for 10 minutes, focusing on your breathing.

Step 4
After your steam, make sure to close your pores by patting your face with cool water and complete the ritual using our Glow oil. Repeat once a week use only. Don’t steam sunburnt skin and always be cautious when handling hot water.

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