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Useful for

  • A smokeless alternative to smudging for the body
  • A mineral-rich facial mist to freshen up post workout
  • Detoxify skin and remove impurities that clog pores
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Restores skins natural oil balance
  • Provides vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the skin


  • Bokek® Premium Dead Sea Salt Water
  • Lavender (Lavandula officinale)*
  • Peppermint (Mentha × piperita)*

*Denotes certified organic

Secondary infusions of Jade, Rose Quartz, Pyrite, Smokey Quartz, Black Kyanite

How to use

Mist your face and body as required. Use twice a day avoiding eyes, or as needed after a workout, after confrontations, and anytime your energy requires lifting.


  • Can my child use this? Elshka recommends avoiding the use of essential oils, on and around children under the age of 7. On older children, mist from 60cm away, and ensure there is no broken skin.  Dead Sea Salts are safe for all ages, however the essential oils are adult doses. 

  • Is this safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding? There is research that suggests Lavender and Peppermint can be beneficial for morning sickness, anxiety and helpful for after birth, but it is always best to practice caution. Hydrosols are a safer option for around infants. Please reach out if you're seeking an essential oil free option, and we will create one for you. 

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Plunge into the ocean and wash away psychic smog and debris encountered throughout the day, with empath protecting Banish. We can't always make the beach to dive through the waves to wash away the troubles from the day, which is how Banish was born.

Banish was created to deliver negative ions from Dead Sea Salts, to cleanse and refresh from being around narcissistic energy. Black Kyanite and other heavy lifting crystals bring powerful energetic protection for energy vampires, toxic co workers, and aggressive exes.

Helpful for eliminating and soothing acne breakouts, the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial components in Dead Sea Salts help with cleansing and detoxifying the clogged pores in our skin.

Organic Peppermint and Lavender help to refresh the mind and soul, delivering an invigorating and mineral rich reset to the skin after a sweaty workout, thanks to the powerful blend of Dead Sea Salts.

Carefully chosen crystals for auric protection and repair, infuse over a Lunar cycle, creating a powerful cleansing personal mist to use after confrontations, meetings, or stressful moments with people who aren't invested in your wellbeing.

These are the incredible Black Kyantite, Jade, Rose Quartz, Pyrite, and Smokey Quartz, some of the heaviest lifting crystals available for us to turn to for support. 

Designed as a support for encounters and confrontations with narcissistic people, toxic co workers, aggressive exes, Banish assists with protection and shielding, whilst encouraging inner strength and courage. The perfect size to carry in your handbag or to have sitting at your desk or kitchen bench, Banish helps to deliver a quick reset after difficult and challenging moments. 

“Banish is a powerful ally in your spiritual toolkit. The body-friendly version of our Oasis Mist, Banish is ideal for carrying around to meetings, and for after gym use, for energetic protection and psychic support. I find the mist extra refreshing when stored in the fridge, for applying on my skin after a sweaty workout, or misting when I have spent time around people who aren't invested in my wellbeing."

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