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Elshka Body Polish

Elshka Body Polish

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Useful for

  • A gentle exfoliation after a tiring day
  • Cleansing congested skin
  • Safe for the face and body
  • A Full body mask spa experience 


  • Rice Powder (Oryza sativa)
  • Pink French Clay
  • Vitamin C Powder (L Ascorbic Acid)
  • Rose (Rosa)*
  • Ground Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) *

Secondary infusions of Black Kyanite, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye.

* Denotes Certified Organic

How to use

Take out a small handful into a dish, beginning with 1-2 tbsp for the body, and mix with warm water until the desired consistency is reached. Apply to your damp skin, and allow to dry for few minutes, or use as a scrub. 

For the face, using 1-2 tsp, mix with water and massage the paste gently onto the face. Rinse off and follow up with the Luxe Body Oil and the Beauty Blend.

Keep the jar sealed, and prepare away from water. 


  • Can my child use this? Yes, Elshka Body Polish is gentle and safe for all ages and genders. I recommend supervised outdoor & shower use only, using a small amount. This can be a playful sensory experience, but under the age of 8 requires supervision, due to the risk of slipping. Please use a non slip mat, and always patch test first.

Shipping & Returns

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  • Free shipping on orders over $90

Enjoy a self love ritual for your body, with a blend of French Pink clay, Rice powder, and botanicals to cleanse your body, revealing softer and more radiant skin.

Ideal for blemished backs and hard to reach congested areas, yet gentle enough for the face and neck, softly buff and polish your body after a strenuous day.

Pink French Clay is on hand to purify, cleanse, and detoxify, while Rice Powder provides the body with a gentle exfoliation, suitable for sensitive skin.

Vitamin C powder supports ageing and collagen synthesis, with Rose Powder helping to inhibit the skins inflammatory response after being exposed to UV rays and offering further gentle exfoliation, while ground Chamomile helps with any active acne breakouts.

Master healer Clear Quartz and Black Kyanite help with cord cutting and removing negative attachments, with Rose Quartz and Tigers Eye helping to anchor and ground into a space of self love and gratitude for our beautiful bodies.

"I love using this polish for a gentle exfoliation experience, especially after a long and tiring day. I recommend showering like normal, before applying to your whole body. Allow to dry, or partially dry if you're time poor, before rinsing off. Following up with our Luxe Body Oil and a facial massage with our Glow Oil, I always feel primed and loved by myself in that moment."

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