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Elshka Mask

Elshka Mask

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Useful for

  • Removing impurities and dead skin cells
  • Absorption of excess sebum from the skin
  • Stimulate blood flow for healthy and glowing skin
  • Improving skin softness


  • Green French Clay,
  • Pink French Clay
  • Tea Tree Exfoliant (Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf)

How to use

Using a non metal spoon and bowl, take 1tsp of the mix and add 1tsp of filtered water, smoothing into a thin paste. 

Apply to the face with a brush or fingertips, and leave for 10 minutes, or until partially dry.

Using warm water on the fingertips, remove the mask in gentle circular motions, before applying serums and creams.

Use 1-2 x a week.


  • Can my child use the Elshka Mask? Due to the Tea Tree exfoliant in the Elshka mask blend, the Elshka Body Polish would be a gentler choice for your child.

Shipping & Returns

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  • Free shipping on orders over $90

A gentle drawing mask for normal, sensitive and oily skin, the Elshka mask is a blend of mineral rich Pink and Green French Clays, famous for their purifying and regenerating properties.

Green french clay is rich in minerals, with revitalising and regenerating properties helping to tighten pores, cleanse and absorb excess sebum from the skin. 

Pink french clay is useful for purifying, cleansing, and detoxifying mature skin, leaving the skin soft and refreshed. 

Dried Tea Tree leaves offer natural exfoliation, as well as assisting with unclogging blocked pores. Ideal as a face mask or a full body mask, the Elshka mask feels best after a workout, or before the Elshka Botanical Steam. 

Our mask will leave your face soft, smooth, and with that clay glow. Remember to apply your oils afterwards, we highly recommend using facial massage after our clay mask. 

“Growing up I was obsessed with putting clay onto my body and face. There is something primal about slathering the skin with clays and feeling the soft skin afterwards. Pink Clay benefits the skin by providing a boost of natural minerals which help to replenish the skin with the nourishment it needs to function well, while Green Clay helps to absorb excess sebum and tighten my pores, which is useful after a sweaty workout. Sometimes I will use this as a full body bathing experience. ”

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