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Shield Mask

Shield Mask

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Useful for

  • Providing relief from sinus pressure during allergic flares
  • Soothing puffy and sore eyes after an emotional and tearful release
  • Smoothing fine lines
  • Reducing facial puffiness
  • Cooling sensation for inflamed skin
  • Relieving tension, stress and pressure


  • Black Obsidian crystals

How to use

After applying creams and serums, lay back and place the eye mask over your face for as long as required. For an extra treat, chill in the fridge for 10 minutes before applying.

Note; Each piece is unique and will vary slightly due to the formation of the gemstones, Peace is delicate so please handle with care.

To clean, wipe with a microfibre cloth.


  • What is the weight? Shield weighs 320 grams

Shipping & Returns

  • $10 Flat rate
  • Free shipping on orders over $90

For the ultimate indulgence when empath repair is required, Shield is a weighted gemstone therapy for tired and puffy eyes, with Black Obsidian serving grounding support during times of stress, whilst absorbing negative energy and clearing psychic smog collected throughout the day.

Ideal for after confrontations and when dealing with heavy challenges, Shield assists with turning off the information overload and helping you to remember who you are, as cool gemstones soothe irritated tissues.

Small gemstones are hand sewn together, to seamlessly fit the facial contours, providing comfort to the delicate tissues around the eyes.

Due to the design, the mask can be flipped upside down and applied to the mouth and cheeks, or the forehead.

"During lockdowns we were bombarded with bad news. Shield helped me to cut out the noise, and to continue to focus on bringing the highest version of myself to the world. My all time fave for when I am feeling drained, from carrying attachments that aren't mine."


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